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Imaging 3D Surgery


Our Approach

At Arnett Gunson we take patient care very seriously. Key to our mission is spending quality time with each patient and in depth consultation.  Our cornerstones to consultations are to ensure each consultation is:

  • Safe
  • Warm
  • Educational
  • Accurate
  • Responsive

Together, our tools and technology help to formulate an accurate treatment plan for the bite and the face. Conversely, these tools can influence treatment planning in negative ways.  A combination of clinical, facial, and soft tissue cephalometrics is effective at guiding treatment of the occlusion and the face in 3 planes of space for an improved esthetic outcome.

"Models, cephalometric analysis, and facial analysis together should provide the cornerstones for successful diagnosis. Models and clinical bite examination indicate to the practitioner that bite correction is necessary. Facial analysis identifies positive and negative facial traits and dictates how the bite will be corrected to optimize esthetic facial goals. If the skeletal problem is significant enough to alter facial balance, the problem is most likely too severe to be corrected successfully with orthodontic tooth movement alone. Ideal occlusal harmony is achieved with the desired cosmetic facial changes dictating what orthodontic and surgical procedures should be used. If orthodontic tooth movement cannot produce the necessary facial changes, then surgery is indicated. Each diagnostic tool contributes to the clinician’s perception of facial and occlusal problems"
—Dr. Michael Gunson