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Facial Contour Grafting

In these photos you can see the preoperative face lacks mid face projection at the level of the LeFort osteotomy but also above in the malar region. Nasal base grafts and malar grafts were placed and can be seen in the cone beam CT image. The after photo is 7 weeks post surgery. The graft material will condense a little more (10-20%) from its present size in the photo.

Orthognathic surgery requires the use of facial contour grafting from time to time. Our technique uses a combination of hydroxyapatite granules with collagen and water which is then heat treated. The implants are customized for each patient and their needs at surgery. The hardened material can then be used for malar grafts, nasal base grafts, mandibular angle grafts, etc. In our published study of 860 implants, we showed the implants to be safe, efficacious, and biocompatible.