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Facial Reconstruction Consultation in Santa Barbara, CA

Our office is located in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. Patients from all over the world visit our office for surgical consultations and orthognathic surgery. Your initial surgical consultation appointment will provide you with a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

The consultation includes:

Oral Exam


Clinical Photographs


Cone Beam CT Scan


Bite Analysis

Facial Analysis

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 3.58.05 PM.png

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

You'll Experience Gentle Expert Care

Along the way, a surgical assistant will discuss frequently asked questions with answers.

Patients receive a presentation by the doctor of his findings your diagnosis and a surgical treatment plan which maximizes the surgical goals of face, airway and bite (FAB™)

A detailed letter will be provided to your dentist and orthodontist with the orthodontic and surgical plans. If you do not have an orthodontist or dentist, we can provide you a referral to an experienced orthodontist or dentist in your area.

You will receive a patient packet for your records that includes all the above information. Because of the thoroughness of the appointment you can expect to be here for up to two hours.

I’ve never had such a caring, comprehensive, safe appointment. This office has set the bar very high!
— R.M. - April 2017

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