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Facial fillers often conjure images of Hollywood stars whose lips might have wandered too close to the vacuum cleaner. Facial fillers, however, are an indispensable part of Functional Esthetics. The inability to close the lips around teeth and bones can deform the lips over time, thinning and elongating them. Sometimes, even when the teeth and bones are repositioned and the lips are allowed to touch for the first time, the damage is done. Restoring lip shape and size becomes necessary for them to function as they should.

"Proper functioning lips are not only esthetic but can relieve the pain and tenseness associated with the inability to use the lips appropriately; speaking, eating and breathing. By combining our knowledge of how lips are supposed to work with how they are supposed to look, our results are perfectly natural and functional which is the definition of esthetic."
—Dr. Michael Gunson

Results: Lip Functional Esthetics

In the image below, the patient’s teeth and bones were placed into their correct position by orthognathic surgery but her thin lips were still causing difficulty with lip closure and speech. A small amount of Juvederm was placed to shape and fill the lips so that they could close and function more easily. Not only did she receive a more esthetic result but her symptoms disappeared as well. This is Functional Esthetics.


Other Uses

Facial fillers are used also at:

  • Mandibular angles,
  • Pre jowls (marionettes),
  • Nasolabial folds,
  • Orbital rim and cheekbone areas,
  • Mandibular jaw line and more.