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The Orthodontics and Orthognathic surgery course in Santa Barbara has been given annually since 1993. National and international teams of orthodontists and surgeons attend this 5 day course and are trained in clinical and hands on orthognathic surgery. The course routinely changes the treatment protocols of the attending doctors.


Orthodontic and orthognathic surgery treatment quality is extremely variable. How do we obtain consistently excellent results for our patients? This highly acclaimed clinical course defines excellence and how to achieve it. Protocols are given for all aspects of diagnosis and treatment which enable the practitioner to change his or her practice of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery.


  • Basic Concepts of Care
  • Facial Planning
  • Airway Diagnosis and FAB™ Treatment Planning*
  • Temporomandibular Planning
  • Occlusal Planning
  • Accuracy Planning
  • Successful Orthodontics and Surgical Techniques
  • 3D Dental, Skeletal and Facial Analysis

*FAB™ Treatment planning – The face, airway, and bite (FAB™) are inextricably linked in facial skeletal diagnosis and treatment planning. FAB™ represents the composite goal of excellent treatment – simultaneous correction of facial, airway, and bite abnormalities.


The hands-on workshop covers facial analysis, computerized cephalometric treatment planning, and articulator model surgery. A patient from Drs. Arnett and Gunson’s practice is studied. Each student will complete a facial analysis which will direct cephalometric treatment planning. Indicated cephalometric changes will then be used to guide articulated model surgery. Students’ work will be compared to the patient’s actual treatment plan and surgery.


  • Records
  • Facial Examination
  • Computerized Soft Tissue Cephalometrics
  • Computerized Cephalometrics Treatment Planning
  • Mandibular First Model Block Surgery

Course Location

Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort

633 East Cabrillo Boulevard
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Booking website: https://aws.passkey.com/e/49078145

Guest rooms are being held under “Arnett Facial Room Block” standard room is $229 per night plus taxes

Reservations: 1-800-879-2929
Direct: 1-805-564-4333
Fax: 1-805-564-4964

“This course allows surgeons and orthodontists to have a common language – dissolve barriers to communication and create long term patient benefits.”
“I’ve learned more at this course than in my five years of residency training.”
“The techniques presented have a firm basis in the literature and make sense intuitively. This course will definitely change the way I practice and will improve outcomes.”


There are several options for traveling to Santa Barbara:

  1. Fly directly into the Santa Barbara Airport (SBA)

  2. Fly to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Rent a car and drive to Santa Barbara which is about an hour and half drive depending on traffic

  3. From LAX take the Amtrak Train:  http://www.amtrak.com/home

  4. From LAX take the Santa Barbara Airbus:  http://www.sbairbus.com/

Great course, must attend as the orthodontist and the oral surgeon. Course covers all of aspects of orthognathic surgery and constructed on a huge amount of evidence based literature.
— Zafar Husanov – Jeollabuk-do, South Korea – Orthodontist
Well organized binder. Lectures based on knowledge and experience from Dr. Arnett and Dr. Gunson was priceless!
— Kenneth L. Anderson – Sartell, Minnesota – Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
This course in my opinion should be part of any orthognathic training program regardless of the adopted surgical school of preferred techniques!!
— Abdurahman EL-Awa – Sheffield, United Kingdom – Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon